About PastMap

PastMap lets you view information about the archaeology, architecture and landscapes of Scotland on one single map. It is managed by Historic Environment Scotland (HES) along with partners from local government and archaeological curators, and holds data from a growing number of other sources.

You can look at different layers, such as local authority Historic Environment Records (HERs), or Listed Building data from HES. You can choose to display layers on a map or aerial photograph and you can turn the layers on or off. Use the search or zoom tools to explore the map and delve into historic sites across Scotland.

When you find a site of interest – like a standing stone, a castle or a designed landscape – click on it to show more detail in the sidebar. Select a group of objects by drawing a shape or circle around them. Once you have made your selection, you can download a report of up to 1,000 records to view later.

PastMap is intended to be used as a portal, leading to more detailed information held by HES and our partners, and is not designed for use by professional contractors in the local authority planning process.

Please note that local HER records contain much more detailed and more up to date information than is currently available here. Please contact the relevant authority direct for all planning matters or queries relating to their records: see the 'HER Participation' link below for details.